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Its difficult to take what he says seriously because of his generally playful and fun nature.

Slimecicle. Slimecicle is a very sarcastic person. Slimecicle cannot escape giga pudding. We have to save him. He can be a little chaotic at times however does seem to be somewhat empathetic.

Pun enthusiast kazoo extraordinaire and epic gamer. History when slimecicle first joined he was. August 12 1998 1998 08 12 age 22 better known online as slimecicle is an american youtuber and streamer on the streaming platform twitch. Charlie dalgleish known online as slimecicle is an american youtuber and twitch streamer.

He also makes a variety of modded minecraft videos and was also a member of smplive. For the majority of his time on the smp he went around gathering materials. Slimecicle is a youtuber and twitch streamer well known for his comedic gaming videos. Charlie legally known as pudge joined the server on its first day january 17 2021.

According to his twitter he intends to ascend to godhood. Its gotten so bad he listened to it for so long on stream he lost control of his body. I make silly videos thank you for watching them. He needs serious help.

He is the newest member of the dream smp joining on january 22 2021 after being invited by dream. He is known for playing various games but is highly known for playing minecraft with other.